-Welcome- We are seeking  a new owner for  this website!  We have too many personal obligations to make this a useful website and need an Austism expert or group to obtain the website and social media from us. Use the envelope icon above to contact us if you are interested in owning our domains (named in the logos shown in the header above), website, email addresses, and associated social media sites.

This website has been a successful forums-based discussion website with an interactive Forums system. We no longer are able to devote time to this website and are seeking someone with a genuine interest in taking over this website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest). We can offer to restore the discussion forums (which are now disabled and hidden) and you take over the existing website, or choose to make a new one of your own. And of course we can offer the MULTIPLE domain names which all point to this website, to the interested party. Contact us today at ASDTexasNet@gmail.com